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sixteen:eight® BOOST is taken before entering the active fasting period and ensures that energy metabolism and fat burning are running at full speed, while your blood sugar level remains stable and the dreaded food cravings do not occur.

A combination of natural green tea EGCG and coenzyme Q10 ensures that fat burning is supported in the best possible way during the phase of active fasting until the first food intake. In addition, the Ayurvedic active ingredients from Ashwaghanda and Curcuma provide accurate stress relief and support your body as a radical scavenger in autophagy and cell cleansing.

30 Day Supply

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How BOOST works
  • Green tea extract/EGCG: Supports the natural fat metabolism, protects the body cells through antioxidant effects, strengthens the immune system, and thus gives the boost during fasting.
  • Ashwagandha: King of the Ayurvedic plants. Various studies indicate stress-reducing effects and a reduction of cortisol levels in the range of 14.5-27.9%. Furthermore, ashwagandha may be effective against insomnia, fatigue, and "depressive" moods. There are also indications of performance-enhancing effects - for mental strength during fasting.
  • Curcumin: Antioxidant or the antioxidant enzyme profile (SOD, glutathione, and catalase) are seemingly increased. This has an effect on the health of all organs and bodily functions. Furthermore, anti-inflammatory effects - inflammations are often the cause of many (chronic) diseases.
  • Coenzyme Q10: Indications of improved blood flow/circulation - presumably through NO-mediated signaling pathway. Also promotes energy metabolism and is effective as an antioxidant - "radical scavenger" and protection for healthy cells against alcohol, stress, nicotine, and UV radiation. Has a slowing effect on aging processes "anti-aging", since the body's own production of ATP (energy) decreases over time.
  • Chromium: Regulates the blood sugar metabolism and thus stabilizes the blood sugar level during the "non-food intake" period.

Promotes fat and energy metabolism in a natural way.

Reduces the cortisol and stress level and thus helps to regulate tiredness and "depressive" moods.

Supports the acid / base balance, stabilizes the blood sugar level and counteracts food cravings.

The idea of ​​supporting intermittent fasting through optimized fat burning convinced me.

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