sixteen:eight —
The idea behind the concept

Intermittent fasting and nutrition - an important relationship

Healthy intermittent fasting requires a balance of fasting and healthy foods. You can only achieve lasting good results through regular intermittent fasting and enjoy the many positive effects in combination with the right diet. Nutrition plays an extremely important role here. But: Not everything that helps your fasting body can be taken in regularly, to a sufficient extent, and at the optimal times through your normal diet - and this is exactly where the innovative concept of sixteen:eight® comes in.

Consciously leaving out, but adding the right things

With the help of our preparations, you can give your body the right nutritional support in the context of intermittent fasting.
  • At the optimal times
  • Essential micronutrients and trace elements
  • Add the right doses at the right times
and thus amplify the positive effects of intermittent fasting in an accurate and clever way. The holistic concept of sixteen:eight® aims to accompany the individual phases of fasting individually and with specially adapted products developed by renowned nutritionists. This enhances the positive effects of fasting and prevents negative aspects and deficiency symptoms in order to optimally and sustainably support the healthy effect of fasting.